In general, Flight Sunglasses will assist you if you have a problem.  

All of our Serengeti sunglasses have 2-year limited warranty supplied by Serengeti. 
Serengeti Limited Warranty
Serengeti Repair Services, replacement lenses and parts

All Maui Jim Sunglasses have a 2-year warranty for the original purchaser from date of purchase supplied by Maui Jim. Nose pads and temples are free from Maui Jim directly as long as the parts are available. 
Maui Jim Warranty & Servicing Information 

Return Policy and Procedures

In general, standard sunglasses you buy from us can be returned within 14 days for a full refund of the cost of the sunglasses (minus shipping and handling outside the continental USA). This excludes special order items or customized sunglasses.  Details and exceptions can be found in the Returns policy page.

Incorrect or Damaged Sunglasses: If you received a shipment with incorrect or damaged merchandise, please contact us via our contact page or by email at and we will contact you and take care of your issue immediately.

Prescription Sunglasses: All Serengeti Prescription lenses are custom made for you and are billed prior to processing.  If you need to change your order please contact us immediately.  "Redo's" will be done according to our guidelines below.

  • If the lens have been started, there is a 50% charge for changes or cancellations
  • Anti-Reflective coating, 1 year normal use - Must be original Frame and RX
  • Doctor error or Change - No charge within 60 days of original prescription submission if a current prescription was used, 50% charge if less than 90 days. It's considered at new order after 90 days.  
  • Lab error - 100% credit
  • Scratch warranty - 1 time replacement within 1 year of original invoice (original frame only)
  • Not responsible for a patient's frame that is over 2 year old.  Discontinued frames may be unavailable for repair, replacement or prescription. 
  • Progressive and Non-adapt - Progressive lenses are an adjustment. After a reasonable amount of time, if you find you cannot adjust to your progressive lenses we will consider a "redo" if needed.  It must be within 90 days.  We cannot refund your custom glasses, but we will credit your account if you order a pair of single vision glasses as a replacement.  The lenses must be the same prescription and frame as the original progressive lens order.  Single vision: If you have a problem within 90 days for Single Vision, we will redo your lenses if needed according to the Dr. Error or change guidelines above.  

Returning Items: If you need to return an item to us, use our return contact page and provide the information below. Please state “return item” in the beginning of your message. Otherwise email the following information to (subject: “return item”) and we will contact you immediately.

Required Return Information

  1. First Name, Last Name (from purchase)
  2. Airline Employee number (if applicable)
  3. Contact number
  4. Email address
  5. Location where item was purchased or via website
  6. List of item(s) to be returned (name & Model #)
  7. Can this item be exchanged? Yes/No
  8. Reason for return/comment

Our Return Address:

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