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Serengeti Hext Progressive Prescription

Serengeti Hext Progressive Prescription


Fit: Medium 
Gender: Both

HEXT connects the dots between sport and aesthetics. Thanks to its base 8 frame, this masculine pair of sunglasses provides a wrap-around that offers the ultimate in coverage and protection. Fitted with the Saturn lens and eco-friendly nylon frame that gives it a fashionable, sporty look.

Comes with Serengeti 1 Microfiber Pouch. Plus 1 Bonus Hard Shell Case.
(EVA Foam, safe and portable, lightweight and hard, Machine Wash, harmless to environment)


Photochromic:  Yes, Light-Adjusting
Frame Fit:  65mm-18mm(Width x Bridge)
Lens Material:  Trivex 
Frame Material:  Eco-Friendly Nylon
Base Curve:  8x

(Measurements in MM) 



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