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Randolph Progressive Sunglasses, Customer Provided Frame (Lenses Only)

Randolph Progressive Sunglasses, Customer Provided Frame (Lenses Only)


For Randolph Frames Only.  Flight Sunglasses will have Authentic Randolph Engineering Lenses put into your frames (Progressive Lenses or Single Vision). 

Great for updating your current prescription lenses or replacing your regular lenses. Customer provided frames provide a savings and allows you the opportunity to bring your glasses to your next eye care visit and get a more precise measurement of the segment height. The 1-year warranty will only apply to the lenses for customer provided frames. 

Required info: Picture of Prescription, Pupil Distance (PD) and Segment Height (Required for progressives). 

If the Pupil Distance is not on your prescription, you can get if from your last eye care provider that made your glasses. If unable, please use our Selfie Procedure. 

Segment Height: Use our "Selfie Procedure" and we will determine your Segment height. You can also bring your selected frame to your next eye care appointment and request your segment height measurement when updating your prescription (progressives only). 

Email a picture of your latest prescription and required information to flightsunglasses@gmail.com.  Send the frame to: Flight Sunglasses, 24 North Beaver St, York, PA 17401. Please include the purchase order number and name. We will match your frame with your order online order.

Call if you have any questions 717 288-7727



Polarized:  Optional
Lens Color:  All Colors listed and Clear
Lens Material:  Trivex or Polycarbonate (recommended for Strong RX)
Frame:  Metal frames
Base Curve:  6X
Warranty  Standard Randolph, 1-year for Defects on Lenses

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