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Randolph Aviator White Gold Sunglasses- Blue Hydro & Polarized AGX

Randolph Aviator White Gold Sunglasses- Blue Hydro & Polarized AGX

Models AF233, AF230, AF270, AF271

The Aviator in 23k White Gold. Elevate your style to new levels with sunglasses that shine as bright as a diamond ring. Plated with the precious metal, Rhodium, your Aviator will last a lifetime. Or two. 

Frame Color: 23K White Gold, Jewelry Quality Finish

Lens Colors: Blue Hydro. A stunning blue lens that reduces glare and provides a neutral all-purpose tint with a calming effect. AGX GreenA relaxing green tint that filters color for reduced eye fatigue and provides exceptional contrast for crisp viewing. Brightens shadows and reduces glare.

Lens Material: SkyTec™ Mineral Glass with Vector™ Anti-Reflective & Blue Wave™ lens technology.  Scratch Resistant,100% UVA/UVB Protection.

Fit: 55mm (med), 58mm (large)
Gender: Unisex

Use: Everyday use

    Lens Color: 

    Non-Polarized Blue Hydro, Polarized AGX Green

    Frame Material: Nickel Silver Alloy
    Base Curve & Temple Length:  6x, 140mm
    Lens Size:  55x45mm, 58x47mm, Bridge 20mm
    Frame Features: Solder Joints warrantied for Life



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