Loaner Program (RX)

Loaner Program (RX)

The purpose of our loaner program is to provide the best possible fit for your new prescription sunglasses.

Each frame sits slightly different on an individual face. Segment height is an important measurement when ordering progressive sunglasses and must be done with the frame that you are going to use. Segment Height is the height of your pupils on the lenses when wearing the glasses and looking straight ahead. It's where the Lenses start to transition to increase power (near vision).

We can have your lenses made with an average Segment Height based on historical and frame specifications if you do not specify a specific segment height. It is always recommended to use the actual frame style to determine the segment height. PLEASE DO NOT MARK THE LENSES BUT WRITE THE INFORMATION ON THE PRESCRIPTION.

Program details:

  • Purchase your Prescription sunglasses and purchase the loaner program option ($24.99) together
  • We send a loaner pair of the selected style glasses in the mail
  • Use the loaner sunglasses during an examination with your eye care provider to get the segment height measurement (write it on the prescription). Then return the sunglasses to us.
  • If the sunglasses don't fit properly, you can return them for a different pair (shipping cost will apply)
  • Once we received your prescription, we place your order and send your customized prescription sunglasses when completed to you via priority mail.
  • Prescription glasses will be only sent out after the loaners are

Program Requirements:

  • Sunglasses may not be marked or worn (fitting purposes only)
  • Must be returned in original packaging and Original condition (new)
  • Must be returned within 21 days of receiving glasses (can coordinate otherwise)
  • Damaged, worn, or missing pieces can result in being charged for all or part of the loaner sunglasses

Return address:
Flight Sunglasses,
24 North Beaver St, York, PA 17401, Phone 717 288-7727. Please use Priority USPS or similar mail for tracking.