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A Review of the Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses by Flight Sunglasses.com. Serengeti Model 6935, Espresso, Titanium, Non Polarized Drivers Gradient Lenses. Excellent Aviator Sunglasses That are Popular with Professional Airline Pilots. All Serengeti Lenses are Photochromic or Light-Adjusting lenses.



A Review of the Serengeti Matera by Flight Sunglasses.com. Featuring Serengeti Models 8728, 8287, 8724, 8726. The Matera comes in Non Polarized and Polarized Options.  All Serengeti Lenses are Photochromic or Light-Adjusting lenses.



New Version of the Randolph Aviator Featuring Models AF056 & AF096.




Randolph Aviator Sunglasses Review. Gunmetal with Gray Lenses (AF045, AF095, AF145)




This video compares Non Polarized to Polarized Sunglasses in a modern aviation cockpit.  The negative effects of polarized sunglasses are "eye-opening"





A review of the Serengeti Bormio sunglasses 8165 with the 555nm Blue Lens. New for 2015, this stylish model is extremely light-weight and is great for outdoor activities. It has a nylon frame with integrated nose pads. All Serengeti Sunglasses have photochromic lenses that constantly darken in bright light conditions and lighten in cloudy conditions.