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Pupil Distance, Frame Sizing

Pupillary Distance or PD is the distance between pupil centers of your eyes in millimeters.  Also known as Binocular PD. Monocular PD is needed if your eyes are not equal distance from your nose. Right eye (OD PD) and left eye (OS PD) are measured from the center of your nose to each pupil.  

PD is needed to accurately center the lens in the frame you select

For bifocals or progressive lenses, some people will need a Distant Vision PD (DV PD) and a Near Vision PD (NV PD).  This is because some peoples eyes converge when looking at near objects.   PD measurements are essential for all spectacle dispensings, monocular PDs being essential in progressive lenses and for those with high prescription. PDs can be measured using a pupilometer or by using a ruler. 

- Normal PD for adults range from 58 to 70mm.


Frame Sizing:

Measurements For Glasses ( eye, bridge, temple, vertical )

(Often the measurements do not include Vertical height)

Using your existing glasses to get your current sizing: 

Most name brand glasses have sizing information printed on the inside of the frame or bridge.  Sometimes this is the first part to wear away.